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  Specialized in Wire Rod Mills and Bar Mills - Roll Pass Design

Engineering Services

Herbert Rothe Consulting Engineers is a consulting company and offers numerous consulting and engineering services for the iron and steel-industry, wire rod mills and bar mills.

The production of wire rod and bars involves complex processes. Therefore, the rolling mill technology and know-how we have developed and perfected could be of high interest to you.

Benefit from our Experience

Our experience covers the complete range of innovation in rolling mills for long products - from the billet yard down to the specific requirements to the finish product in over 300 steel grades, such as normal steel grades, stainless steel or high speed steel grades.

We are also able to assist you during the planning phase of a new mill or a second hand mill and/or revamping existing mills. We support you also at the obtaining of second hand mills.

Services for Rolling Mills

For rolling mills we offer special technical assistance for

  • Roll pass design (Using LINEBOW Software)
  • Slit rolling
  • Guiding
  • Roller guides
  • Roll Cooling
  • Interstand cooling
  • Inline heat treatment
  • Inline descaling
  • Primary cooling line

To find out even more about what our solutions can do for your business, simply mail us a brief note or send us a fax or an e-mail.

We welcome your response and the opportunity to provide you all the details.

Herbert Rothe holds several US- and EP-patents. His US-patents are available online: US-Patent No. 4,629,165 - US-Patent No. 4,790,164

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