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Monitoring Roller Guide

Technical Information and Features of Quality Steel Production

Growing requirements to the rolled products, especially with regard to dimension tolerances are requesting a control of the produced material. This control should be made, if possible, during the rolling process in order to react without any delay on deviations be appropriate measurements. A product of inferior or waste quality should be avoided.

The most effective instrument to take care of such problems is the


Principle of Operation

Picture of Monitoring Roller Guide The MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE (MRG), developed as an 'intelligent' roller guide, investigates the forces which work on the arms of the roller holding device using the patented built-in MRG Sensor (see picture). If e.g. the incoming section in the roller guide is changing because of wear in the rolling stands before, the force which pushes the rollers apart is increasing. This increase is measured by the MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE, which is connected with a computer system. All data is recorded by the computer system.

If the rollers of the roller guide are damaged or in case the bearings are not correct considerable variations of power can be noticed. The computer generates alerts that the defects have to be corrected.

High Output and High Quality

The MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE, designed to be an integrated part of the mill, is the ideal device to guarantee a high-output production with first-class quality. Misalignment, twisting, underfilling and overfilling of the stock, as well as temperature deviation (cold end) are detected immediately and indicated on the computer screen so that the operator can take quick actions to avoid rejects.

In addition, the MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE is able to recognize any exceeding of given tolerance limits caused by wear on the passes directly on the place where the exceeding has been developed. Therefore, the MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE System is designed to monitor different places in the mill (e.g. roughing, intermediate and finish train).

Moreover, the MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE will also detect any outbreak on the carbide rolls or any other roll before severe damages and/or rejects in the mill will happen.

Continous Control of the Rolling Process with Non-destructive Materials Testing

During hot rolling the MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE continuously monitors the production process and product quality. It assists you in the early detection of faults like indentations and roll marks, spills and slivers, shells and seams. The MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE compiles and presents results for each wire section and each wire coil. The fault distribution about the length of the roll stock gives you information about the fault cause (billet or mill).

According to its conception the MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE shall not be an absolute dimension measuring equipment. It is designed to be the most efficient device for recognizing critical changes and/or tolerances in the mill. By comparison with threshold values and by comparing the changings at different places in the mill it is possible to continuously control the rolling process with very little effort.

More Information

For more detailed information about the MONITORING ROLLER GUIDE please refer to our US-Patent 4,790,164 (click here to view US patent documents online) or our EP-Patent 0 233 278 or contact us (e-mail:Herbert.Rothe@t-online.de).

For more information on Morgans' GUIDE MONITORING SYSTEM with our MRG technology see

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Click here to get an overview over some benefits provided by our MRG technology.

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