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ThermoQuench® nozzle

ThermoQuench® / TurboQuench Is The Ideal Solution For The Temperature Controlled Processing of Wire Rod and Bar Products

Our patented quenching nozzles have an extremely high heat transfer coefficient achieved by an engineered combination of laminar and turbulent flow within the nozzle.


  • Inter-stand cooling
  • Wire rod mill water boxes
  • Post-rolling quenching (for self tempered rebar)

Principle of Operation

ThermoQuench® - Principle of operation

Calculated quantities of low pressure water impact the hot bar in the primary cooling chamber with a very high kinetic energy. This high kinetic energy disrupts the steam jacket formation and allows for fully wetted cooling to occur immediately, bypassing the inefficient film boiling present in other designs. Inside the nozzle, precisely positioned secondary cooling chambers reintroduce turbulence, which again prevents vapour blanket (steam) formation for continued intense cooling.

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  • EP-Patent No. 0 144 029
  • US-Patent No. 4,629,165 (View US patent online)
  • Japan-Patent No. 1 594 421

    TurboQuench TMT Process

    The TurboQuench TMT process was developed and designed for P.P.Rolling Mills Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. in India (www.pprm.in)

    TurboQuench advantages

  • Provides optimal physical properties to the bars and other products
  • Lower consumption of alloys (FeMn, Fe Nb, FeSi etc.)
  • One chemical analysis range only for all sizes of bars
  • Increased yield in continuous casting and steel melt shop
  • Increased productivity in the melt shop
  • More than 50% reduction in the billet inventory
  • Zero discard by quality control
  • Operationally safe and presenting no restriction of rolling mill productivity
  • Matches high strength with excelent ductility and ensures good weldability.
  • Warranty

    The P.P.Rolling Mills TurboQuench TMT process guaranties the following operational performances:

  • Maximum cooling effect, demanding minimum working area
  • Cooling defined very exactly on the strand section
  • Absolute concentric cooling on the bar section and uniform the whole strand length
  • Temperatur setting and maintenance within very accurate limits
  • Smooth bar conveying through the cooling devices
  • Suitable cooling for all diameters, by means of well calculated cooling elements
  • Quick exchange of cooling elements, whenever bar diameters is altered.
  • For more information about TurboQuench / ThermoQuench®, contact us.

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