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Useful Links to Steelmaking Related Resources on the Internet with links to

Herbert Rothe's Recommendations

Cathy D. Stewart's List of Hot-Rolling Resources on the Internet
Linebow Roll Pass Design Software
Annibale Izzo's Roll Pass Design Software

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Some Non-Profit and Government Sites

Association of Iron and Steel Engineers (AISE)
Steel Links - The First Search Engine Dedicated to the Steel Industry (AISE)
American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)
Association of Manufacturing Technology
International Iron and Steel Society (IISI)
Iron and Steel Institute, Japan
UK Steel Association Homepage
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Some Academic and University Sites

Carnegie Mellon University
Engineering Design Research Center
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Eisenforschung, Germany
Department of Metallurgy
Pohang University Of Science And Technology (Postech), Korea
Steel Processing Automation Research Center (SPARC)
Technical University of Freiberg, Germany
Institut fuer Eisen und Stahltechnologie
University of Alberta, Canada
Advanced Materials and Processing Laboratory (AMPL) Home Page
University of British Columbia, Canada
Metals & Materials Engineering
West Virginia University
Center for Industrial Research Applications (CIRA) Home Page
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Commercial Sites

LINEBOW Roll Pass Design Software
Online Metals Catalog (Spezialized in non-ferrous metals)
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Some Online Articles and Journals about Steelmaking

AISE Iron and Steel Engineer Magazine
American Metal Market Online
Cambridge International Science Publishing
I&SM Homepage
IISI:Steel News
IoM Publications-Ironmaking and Steelmaking
Iron and Steel Monthly
Journal of Advanced Materials
Locker Associates' Steel Industry Update
Mechanical Engineering Magazine
Metal Center News
Metal Industry Indicators OnLine
New Steel Magazine
The Quality Observer
World Steel Dynamics: WebDigest
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Some Meta Sites with Multiple Links to Steelmaking

AISI SteelWorks
Industry Resources On-line
Christian Liebig Online Stahlhandels Informations System
IndustryNET Online Marketplace
Metals Supplier Online
MetalWorld - Main Menu
Online Metal Market
Steel Express
SteelNet Home Page
Steel on the Web+
Cathy D. Stewart's List of Steel Related Resources on the Internet  (probably the most comprehensive list on the Web)
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